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NY Post: Good riddance to the Russia myth — and blame Team Obama for promoting it

Trump: ‘I just don’t want a poor person’ in top economic positions in my administration

Ron Paul explains the Subprime mortgage crisis and predicts the dollar collapse (VIDEO)

How to start a small business in California (The Secret) PIC

What to do with a broken Illinois: Dissolve the Land of Lincoln

Restaurant Die-Off Is First Casualty Of California’s $15 Minimum Wage

(ACC VIDEO) Why can’t the Republicans seem to cut government?

So is this the end of Pelosi?

Tensions are high, repeat HIGH (VIDEO of F-16 off of the wing of the Russian Defense Minister’s plane)

Fed's Labor Market Forecasts Don't Make Sense

Gold and Silver Are "Asymmetric" Trades

Are the Dems willing to learn? What will it take?

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Does the Fed Have a Financial Stability Mandate?

Rodrik: Doing (and Teaching) Economics [Video]

Cronycare lives on: McConnell, Senate GOP, want to keep the Obamacare insurance company subsidies

Big Blow to the anti-Trumpers, Ossoff loses, GOP 4 for 4 in special elections

Pentagon wasted $28 million on uniforms for Afghan soldiers, report says

How the Democrats Lost Their Way on Immigration (OR: How the Dems sold out the American working class for votes and favor from corporations)

Fed official in effect says that competition and lower prices for consumers are bad for the economy and must be offset by Fed policy!

No Country For Poor People

Links for 06-21-17

THE CASE FOR OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICEObstruction of justice was...

Don’t kid yourself. The cult doesn’t serve you. You serve the cult.

How meanness and zigzaggery jeopardize your lifestyle

Don’t Bail Out Failing States Like Illinois

Breaking the monopoly on money

As Amazon purchases Whole Foods, don’t fear for the cashier. Fear for the supermarket (Actually don’t fear.)

The Dow has rallied 3000 POINTS since Donald Trump was elected, Media silent

(Salon is a digital rag – From 2013) Hugo Chavez’s economic miracle

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